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We create a safe space for professionals and business owners to understand why they do what they do with money, and transform their relationship with money.

Meet The Coach

After working as an employee in various fields of Finance, Risk management and IT (in France and Ireland), I started my own business in 2011. I used my skills to finance Irish SMEs facing cashflow challenges at a time banks were not open for business.

While doing so, I noticed that people were behaving in completely different ways under financial pressure and I asked myself : why do people do what they do with money? How come two individuals facing the same situation can behave in completely different ways? This is how I started investigating the behavioral dimension of Money without knowing where it would eventually lead me.

One day (talk about a coincidence), I met a Certified Money Coach who was attending a presentation I was delivering. I decided to become a Certified Money Coach, go through the process to experience the benefits for myself, and finally to provide this service to my network in French English and Spanish as I am fluent in those languages.

Client Testimonial

“The result of the quiz I took last week showed an ”active tyrant”. I was hoping for another result, probably because the word “tyrant” had a negative connotation for me. Anyway, I availed of a free consultation to understand better how and why I got this result. I also generally prefer talking “face to face”, and at first it felt a bit strange to talk about money through internet. But in fairness this feeling quickly went away.

From the beginning, I was glad to hear that the test did not mean that I was a tyrant, but that Chris was using this image to explain some of my tendencies. On top of it, a “tyrant” has positive and negative aspects so I now know what we can work on.

If you make the effort to submit a quiz, make sure to book the consultation that come with it and do not stick to the dry percentages. You could be missing the point as I did!

Money Type Quiz Client


Most of the patterns and behaviours which lead us to the situation we are currently facing are very often deeply unconscious and go back to our childhood.

Money influences every aspect of our lives. Still, it is one the biggest taboos in the world.
Attending “Pecunia Conversations” will allow you to start talking about Money and financial related behaviours in a non-judgmental environment. We run free Pecunia conversations online and offline to raise awareness about the extent of the issue Money truly is.

Most of the patterns and behaviours which lead us to the situation we are currently facing are very often deeply unconscious and go back to our childhood.
“Pecunia Personal Discovery” is a powerful step by step process which allows to :
• discover where your money related behaviours and emotions are coming from
• identify the ones which you may need or want to change
• take the first small but significant steps on the journey towards an improved situation
Pecunia Personal Discovery is a 4 sessions long program (typically a 1h session per week over 4 weeks) delivered through video-conference from the comfort of your home.
Awareness needs to be followed through with action for a permanent change to happen.
After learning how we are “hardwired” around money, some of us appreciate to receive a clear roadmap and ongoing support on the journey towards an improved relationship with money.
Pecunia Personal Journey
• helps defining an action plan taking into consideration the spiritual, behavioural and practical dimensions of money
• supports the implementation of new strategies
• provides the value of an “accountability partner” and access to a network of experts
Unlike Pecunia Personal Discovery which is a step by step process, Pecunia Personal Journey is completely tailored around your needs.
It is delivered through video-conference from the comfort of your home, and runs for as long as it is needed, once a week (for better results) or every 2 weeks (if it is more feasible).
Even though you may intuitively prioritise profitability over everything else in your business, poor cashflow management is the main factor for business failures and should therefore be treated as “priority 1”
We have have over 10 years of experience in the field of Credit Management and SME funding, with a focus on cash flow management.
Pecunia Business Funding allows business owners :
• to understand what drives their behaviours when a cashflow crisis hits … and change it if it does not serve the business
• to tap into a network of experts in the various fields of finance
• last but not least …. Get access to short term finance

Designations & Associations

Completing this quiz will show you which of the 8 Money types matches your own tendencies.