We Offer Remote Web-Based Training via our Online Training Center

  • Every Thursday starting on July 8th from 9:00am –  11:00am PST for 16 weeks (Note: This class can be joined through June 29th)
  • Every Thursday starting on July 8th from 3:00pm –  5:00pm PST for 16 weeks (Note: This class can be joined through June 29th)
  • Every Tuesday starting on August 10th from 9:00am – 11:00am PST for 16 weeks (Note: This class can be joined through August 31st)
  • Every Wednesday starting on August 11th from 3:00pm – 5:00pm PST for 16 weeks (Note: This class can be joined through September 1st)

Our class size is limited to allow for personal attention. We encourage you to enroll at the time of interest in order to secure your seat. The class times above are subject to change. If you are interested in taking a class but these times do not work for you, please contact us directly. We would be happy to be of service.

Please Note: The first class is an Orientation Class only. If you are unable to attend this class, we can send you an Orientation Video in lieu of attending. The formal class will begin the following week and will be held on the same day/time weekly for the duration of your class.

If we currently do not have a class that works well in your time zone or you would prefer individualized training options, please call 707-559-3671 and we can discuss options in your time zone.

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Certification Overview:
Our unique coaching programs will give you the tools to help you work with individuals, couples, and businesses to develop new levels of awareness and untapped potential so that they may achieve greater levels of success personally, professionally and financially. Money Coaching is a rewarding and exciting career path or specialty area to add to your practice. It is ideal for those individuals interested in creatively supporting the growth and development of others.

Module One: Money Coaching “Core Process” consists of four hours of Individual Money Coaching. This is an experiential process is not part of the training curriculum but is highly recommended before becoming a Certified Money Coach (CMC)® 

Module Two: The Foundations of Money Coaching – During this online class you will learn both the theory and practice of money coaching, a proprietary step-by-step process and methodology that applies cutting-edge research from the field’s of neuroscience, neuro-economics and the behavioral sciences to help clients identify and change their money patterns and behaviors. This class is two-hours long and is held weekly for four consecutive weeks.

 Module Three: Upon completion of the above, coaches begin a sixteen-week online Coach/Mentor training during which time you learn to apply the principles you have learned with your own “practice clients” (two required). During this segment of the training, coaches participate in a weekly online class that supports you in learning how to effectively coach your own clients, deepen your learning of the money coaching processes and complete your certification requirements (see below*).

Cost of Training and Certification: $2,500.00 

*Certification Requirements: Certificate Candidates are required to complete Modules One, Two and Three; complete the “Core Process” and a Client Assessment on a minimum of two “practice clients”; complete all exercises in the Certified Money Coach workbook; submit their work and conduct a final review with and to the satisfaction of the Money Coaching Institute. Upon satisfactory completion of items above, candidates will be awarded the Certified Money Coach (CMC)® designation and will be issued a Certificate of Completion.

Additional Money Coach Training Programs (Optional – Not Required for Certification)


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Certified Money Coach Training Now Available in Spanish!

Luego de más de 20 años formando a coaches en sus programas en inglés, el Money Coaching Institute, en alianza con Contigo Coaching Financiero y el Recurso de Éxito ofrecen para el mercado hispano la primera certificación de Money Coaches.

El Money Coaching permitirá a sus egresados convertirse en especialistas de un área importante de la vida de todo ser humano – el dinero-, ¡un área que casi a todo el mundo le gustaría mejorar!

Esta capacitación brinda las herramientas y técnicas utilizadas en Money Coaching que están cambiando la vida de muchas personas alrededor del mundo.

Nuestra intención es generar un cambio positivo en el mundo, ayudando a las personas a moverse a través de los bloqueos y obstáculos formados de manera incosciente a lo largo de la vida, que limitan su potencial personal y financiero.


“Conocí lo que está más allá de las finanzas personales, lo que verdaderamente impacta en las decisiones financieras“

Jezibel Rodriguez
Puerto Rico


“Es una metodología muy eficaz, por lo práctico y profundo. Los resultados son maravillosos“

Jhonaire Irausquin

Nancy Loyola

“No he terminado la certificación y ya estoy trabajando con clientes. 100% recomendado”

Nancy Loyola

Luz Gonzalez

“Certificarme y vivir el proceso personal fue muy gratificante y beneficioso, ahora comprendo la raíz del buen manejo del dinero, ahora se que podré ayudar a otros a alejarse de errores en sus decisiones financieras.“

Luz González

“Sé que ahora tengo herramientas para ayudar a las personas a mejorar su calidad de vida. Porque no es solo en lo monetario, sino en muchos otros aspectos de la vida.”

Yurbelys Henriquez