Financial Coaching and Advocacy

We have discovered that most of the feelings people harbor come from a place of deep insecurity because we were never properly educated about the world of money. We are in fact, for the most part, financially illiterate. This has nothing to do with aptitude or intelligence. It has only to do with the failure of our education system to properly educate and empower its citizens about finances.

Our hope and intentions are to someday make financial education as important as math or English since it is both a language and a practical life skill. In the game of life, it is important to understand the language of money and to be financially aware and literate. The financial industry has its own sophisticated language, concepts, and meanings, most of which the majority of us do not fully comprehend.

Shags Money Coach

The Basics of Financial Education Workshop

In one very informative day, you will learn the basics of financial education and will take with you a workbook to help you move forward with knowledge and confidence as you navigate the consumer and investment world. Steven Shagrin is a very entertaining and engaging speaker, often using humor to emphasize important key points.

The Topics of the Basics of Financial Education Workshop include:

  • The Mystique of Money
  • Taking Control of Your Financial Destiny
  • The Basics of Investments
  • The Basics of Personal Income Tax
  • The Basics of Risk Management
  • The Basics of Estate Planning
  • Interviewing, Selecting and Working with a Financial Advisor


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More on the Importance of Financial Education and Literacy

Financial speak is its own language and requires its own particular course of study, not unlike French for example, which you might want to learn if you were going to be spending time in France. Since all inhabit the money world to some degree in our lives, it would be good if we knew the language and how to navigate our way around.

Our financial education courses will help you to learn the language of money, and how to apply financial concepts and tools in your daily life. The financial education courses will empower you to gain the knowledge and understanding needed to comfortably make wise and informed financial decisions. We will help you to become financially free and independent so that you may safely live your dreams.

What is financial education? In financial terms, it is the ability to speak, read and write about money and financial concepts. This would include understanding the history of money, how it works, how to manifest it, how to invest it and most importantly, comprehend the language, terms, and concepts of money. For example, when learning a foreign language we begin by learning basic vocabulary words and simple language structure.

When we’re learning, we use a lot of words that we don’t fully understand their true meaning or translation. We simply guess, gesture, and do the best we can to communicate. Financial education is the same way. Many of us attempt to use the basic financial language we have “learned” and apply it to our experience without fully understanding it’s meaning or how the language or concept really works. Financially speaking, we often “guess” at what decision to make (i.e. what IRA is best, or which mutual fund to pick) and hope for the best. We eventually develop habits and patterns around money, which we are not even aware of. As a result, we often unconsciously make financial decisions that sabotage our intended efforts.

We all have the capacity to become financially literate. We can all become good with money and make healthy and wise choices from a place of knowledge and power, rather than fear and shame. Our mission is to help people live purposeful and prosperous lives through awareness, education, and empowerment.

Our Coordinator of Financial Education Programs is Steven Shagrin. Steven brings over twenty-five years of professional experience in the financial services and is the author of Managing My Life: Managing My Money, a workbook designed to provide sound financial education. Steven offers live presentations and classes, both in-person and via online webinars.

We are pleased to offer our financial education courses privately to groups of 15 or more. Contact the Money Coaching Institute at (415) 895-1069 for more information or send us an email at