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Our CMC Scholarship Program was launched on March 31, 2016. To date, we have provided over 500 scholarships to lower-income applicants toward their training to become a Certified Money Coach (CMC)®.

Worldwide money issues of poverty, income inequality, and international debt are challenging the stability of the global economy and world nations. Most money issues people experience are due to multi-generational patterns and behaviors that strongly influence their financial behaviors and choices. Taken as a whole, entire regions can remain entrenched in negative beliefs and patterns that entrap the citizens in the cycle of hopelessness and poverty.

For the collective society to begin to shift these dynamics, greater awareness and coaching is essential. The root causes of most of our collective money issues are largely emotional and behavioral, not merely financial. Millions of dollars are spent on financial education and literacy with limited results because people react emotionally to money, not just intellectually. While financial literacy is important, it is often ineffective without addressing the underlying emotional and behavioral challenges people experience relative to money.

The Money Coaching Institute is the pioneer of the field of Behavioral Money Coaching and is a global training and education company that has developed a unique approach and methodology for helping people identify and solve these underlying issues.

The Money Coaching Institute helps individuals profoundly shift limiting financial patterns and behaviors through individual and family coaching to identify, understand, and transform the sources of their financial challenges and hardships. Individuals who have received money coaching report significant positive personal and financial results in 60 to 90 days post-coaching.

To address the global financial challenges, the Money Coaching Institute intends to make the Certified Money Coach (CMC) training broadly available to motivated individuals regardless of their financial circumstances. We offer partial scholarships to applicants with combined family incomes of $75,000 (gross income) annually and a net worth of  $100,000 or less. 

Criteria for Application

Applicants must have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree or equivalent.

First, opportunities will be given to those in the field of social work, professional coaching, counseling, and the financial services industries. Applicants in other fields are welcome to apply with priorities assigned to those most suitable for Money Coaching.

Applicants from countries outside of the U.S. will receive special consideration concerning currency devaluations against the dollar.

All applicants must submit an essay indicating why they would like to be Money Coaches and what they intend to do with their coaching skills upon graduation.

Course Requirements

Applicants must speak and write fluently in English, have access to a computer to attend online courses, and have a good Internet connection.

Application Form

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Earning Thresholds by Country

To qualify for a Scholarship, your annual earnings should be below the USD value indicated in the ‘Threshold by Country’ Column. This value is based on the Purchasing Power Index and expressed in USD. If your country is not listed below, please get in touch with us for the relevant threshold.


Purchasing Power


Threshold by Country

(In USD)

Argentina 74.92 $40,000
Australia 147.25 $80,000
Austria 120.46 $65,000
Belgium  106.69 $58,000
Bosnia And Herzegovina 60.64 $33,000
Brazil 48.69 $26,000
Bulgaria 59.19 $32,000
Canada 134.81 $73,000
Chile 78.40 $42,000
China 77.42 $42,000
Colombia 45.99 $25,000
Croatia 67.89 $37,000
Czech Republic 89.99 $49,000
Denmark 142.14 $77,000
Egypt 40.30 $22,000
Finland  132.93 $72,000
France 118.51 $64,000
Germany 147.61 $80,000
Greece 79.27  $43,000
Hong Kong 102.32 $55,000
Hungary  56.30 $30,000
India 89.65 $48,000
Indonesia 35.51 $19,000
Iran 47.73 $26,000
Ireland 125.66 $68,000
Israel 115.54 $62,000
Italy 105.67  $57,000
Japan 117.55  $63,000
Lithuania 61.25  $33,000
Macedonia 46.74 $25,000
Malaysia 96.34 $52,000
Mexico 76.51 $41,000
Netherlands 129.34 $70,000
New Zealand 115.47 $62,000
Norway 125.75 $68,000
Pakistan 43.34 $23,000
Philippines 42.86  $23,000
Poland 80.77  $44,000
Portugal 75.47 $41,000
Romania 61.90 $33,000
Russia 57.42 $31,000
Saudi Arabia 167.86 $91,000
Serbia 49.62 $27,000
Singapore 110.50  $60,000
Slovenia 89.76 $48,000
South Africa 126.10 $68,000
South Korea 120.64  $65,000
Spain 105.31 $57,000
Sweden  128.22 $69,000
Switzerland 178.74  $97,000
Thailand 40.06 $22,000
Turkey 64.12 $35,000
Ukraine 29.66 $16,000
United Arab Emirates 136.43 $74,000
United Kingdom 120.00 $65,000
United States 139.17 $75,000

Further Information

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Please contact Deborah Price founder and CEO of the Money Coaching Institute at 707-778-6206 or