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Why Business Archetypes Are So Powerful in Business Coaching

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Our Certified Business Archetype Coach coaching process is a powerful new way to help your clients to achieve greater success quickly. By identifying the underlying core archetypes that are active in a business, you can quickly spot the inherent strengths and weaknesses of any business.
Unlike traditional business consulting or other purely analytical business practices, we engage clients at a behavioral level by quickly discovering where you are willing and able to make important changes. Instead of simply giving advice, we provide you with a pathway for advancement and success.
Archetypes are personality aspects that exert ongoing influences on your behaviors and decisions. All business activities can be evaluated using ten core archetypes, each with distinctly different patterns, tendencies and motivations.  Most people have both positive and negative responses to business challenges and opportunities that they face. As clients begin to understand why and how their archetypes are expressing, they can use this information to move beyond blocks or limitations and experience greater awareness and freedom. This allow them to make changes and improvements in their business in ways they’ve never considered or even thought possible, and in ways that can substantially increase the success and profitability of their business.

Train with us and you’ll learn to:

  • Rapidly identify the Business Archetypes that are influencing a client’s business practices
  • Effectively evaluate the performance and success of all aspects of any business
  • Become aware of hidden blocks and behaviors that may be holding your client’s back
  • Discover patterns and trends that can identify new or overlooked opportunities for success
  • Identify and correct missing and incomplete aspects of your client’s business dynamics
  • Learn how to help a clients identify and change sabotaging business patterns and behaviors

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