Deborah Price

Washington Post Pick: The Heart of Money

Why Couples Clash Over Cash By Michelle Singletary, Published: February 2, 2013, Washington Post It’s commonly said that fighting about money is one of the main reasons couples divorce. That’s not exactly accurate. Couples definitely fight about money — lying about it, the control of it, the lack of it

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Financial Decisions and the Retirement Snowball Effect

Deborah Price, founder of the Money Coaching Institute is interviewed by Kira Reginato.  Listen to Deborah and Kira talk about money therapy, our financial decisions and the retirement snowball effect.

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Financially Successful but Highly Fearful

Jane was a very successful attorney who had all the trapping of success but was plagued by a persistent feeling of financial fear and anxiety. She had worked hard to do all the right things, professionally and financially, and was in fact, quite successful. Unfortunately, due to old patterns and

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