Financially Successful but Highly Fearful

Girl holds and changes her face portraits with different emotions

Jane was a very successful attorney who had all the trapping of success but was plagued by a persistent feeling of financial fear and anxiety. She had worked hard to do all the right things, professionally and financially, and was in fact, quite successful.

Unfortunately, due to old patterns and behaviors that stemmed from family traumas, Jane was unable to relax and enjoy her success. Instead, she constantly worried and was very financially “protected” and unable to spend or share her money with her fiancee.

Jane was unable to be “financially intimate” which caused her fiancee to feel “shut-out” and not valued or trusted at times. Through the course of our work together, Jane learned the root of her financial mistrust and protectiveness and learned to create healthy and respectful boundaries with her fiancee that allowed their relationship to become more open and trusting. They are now happily married and now have a common language and understanding of how to communicate about money.