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The Money Coaching Institute provides money coaching, business coaching, trainings and workshops to individuals, couples and businesses. We are also a professional training organization and offer training and certification programs for those who wish to become a Certified Money Coach (CMC)® or a Certified Business Archetype Coach.™

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I am training to be a money coach. My husband agreed to be one of the practice clients. Information that he presented in his money bio has been very revealing to me. As a result of the money bio, we were able to work on areas of our marital relationship we had ignored for years. Many positive changes were made because of information and events revealed through the money coaching process.
Darlys Harmon-Vaught
Certified Money Coach and CDFA
Deborah coached my husband and I when we were experiencing the painful impact of our collective money challenges, two years into our otherwise blissful marriage. Her expertise and personal grace made it so easy for us to move through the process of assessment, discovery and recovery. She gave us brilliant insight and tools specifically for us as a couple and individually that have helped us immeasurably both in our relationship and our businesses. We have you to thank for helping our honeymoon live on!
Harsimrit Kaur
Before working with Deborah, I studied psychology at universities for six years. Additionally, over many years, I have done much self-help reading, workshops, and exercises with coaches and therapists. Nothing has addressed my issues with money and personal power as much as the few short weeks I have had with Deborah and her money coaching.
Laurie Spivak
Deborah eloquently and graciously weaves her way through her coaching process. She compassionately and effectively guides her clients to a greater understanding of themselves, their past; and their influence on their behaviour. All the while, maintaining their dignity and building them up to embrace the courage needed to change their future to the one they desire.
Sandra Stewart
CFP / Stewart Financial Services
The steps to getting what you want in your life involve two primary elements; achieving absolute clarity as to where you stand today, then understanding the path ahead of you and the potential roadblocks that may hinder it. Deborah Price does a truly remarkable job of helping one to grasp the specific personality elements and spiritual aspects that make up the eight different "money types" we encounter in the world today (or forever in history for that matter). This type of soul searching does not lead one directly to material wealth, per se, but allows the human mind to understand in depth where he or she wants to fit in with regards to currency and the behavior characteristics that allow one to position themselves there. 
Nick Tatro
Deborah Price has permanently changed my life.  I called Deborah on a whim after finding her information online.  I was seeking solutions to my at-times debilitating anxiety about money.  When she answered, her warm voice immediately put me at ease and I grew excited to speak with her, again. In total, she coached me less than a year, garnering at least one huge "A-ha!" in every single session, but in that year caused a huge domino effect in my life. Fast forward to the present and the money anxiety is nearly vanished - an AMAZING fete - catalyzed heavily by my work with Deborah.  That reduction in anxiety has led to better health and greater confidence in my abilities to survive and increasingly thrive as an independent adult!
Amparo Vazquez
Diversity & Inclusion Projects Manager / International Monetary Fund
Working with Deborah has been a clarifying and inspiring process. She has a way of combining great compassion and kindness with strength, focus and direction in the teachings she has given me. From helping me to break my own glass ceiling around my earning potential, to coaching me on my business and partnership challenges, Deborah has truly been one of the bright lights in my success as a business woman.
Sherry Berman
I decided to do a money coaching workshop with Deborah after a group consultation she gave to our non-profit organization. As Treasurer of the non-profit and and an ex-accountant, I was intrigued by what she had to offer. I found her work transformational on a personal and organisational level. Deborah gently brings more awareness to our unconscious attitudes and habits around money. Our organization still refers to the money archetypes in our daily work and is more focused on what we need to do.
Andy Rogers
Former Treasurer / Clear Sky Meditation Center

Money Coaching. One thing that could change everything!