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Deborah Price, Author and Founder/CEO, Certified Money Coach (CMC)®, and Certified Business Archetype Coach™

Deborah-HeadshotII-e1438640151462Deborah Price is the Founder and CEO of the Money Coaching Institute, which provides money coaching services and training to individuals, couples and families. A former financial advisor for over twenty years with firms such as Merrill Lynch, Mass Mutual, AIG and London Pacific Advisors, Deborah left the financial industry to pioneer the field of Behavioral Money Coaching in 2001.

Coping with money issues, both practically and psychologically, continues to be a major life   struggle for millions of people and yet, there is very little help available. As a result, people often manifest money patterns, beliefs and behaviors that can prevent them from experiencing their full financial potential. Deborah has developed a unique, step-by-step coaching program that helps clients move beyond barriers to their personal and financial success. As a result, client’s experience renewed hope, restored relationships, increased confidence, and enhanced personal and financial success.

Through education and awareness, Deborah is committed to empowering others both personally and financially. She is the author of Money Therapy: Using the Eight Money Types to Create Wealth and Prosperity; Money Magic: Unleashing Your Potential for Wealth and Prosperity; and her latest book, The Heart of Money: A Couples Guide to Creating True Financial Intimacy. She is considered one of the foremost experts in her field and speaks and teaches globally. She has trained over five hundred Certified Money Coaches (CMC)® throughout the USA, Canada, Singapore, England, France, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, South Africa, and Jordan.

Contact Deborah at: dprice@nullmoneycoachinginstitute.com


Robert Coleman, Director of Business Development, Trainer, Certified Money Coach (CMC)® and Certified Business Archetype Coach™


In addition to his role at MCI, Robert is the Founder and President of the Pacific Venture Club and has been a business consultant, trainer, and lecturer on small business topics for over 25 years. Robert has been featured on radio programs, lectured on entrepreneurship at San Francisco State’s Graduate Entrepreneur Program, and advised the State of California on its SCOR (Small Corporate Offering Registration) capital raising program.

Robert is committed to helping us grow our business internationally and heads up our business development team. He is also the co-trainer for our Certified Business Archetype Coach™ training program and also trains our Money Coaching Biofeedback course. He brings enormous gifts, insight and skill to our company.

Contact Robert at rhcole64@nullgmail.com

Andre Machado and Fabiana Machado are our partners in Brazil. For those who would like to be trained in Portuguese, contact André or Fabiana at their website at http://moneymind.com.br

André  Machado

André is a Certified Money Coach (CMC)®, a Certified Business Archetypes Coach and Trainer/Facilitator for the Money Coaching Institute in Brazil. He’s the founder & managing partner at MoneyMind (moneymind.com.br), based in Brazil, that was created to inspire people to transform and cultivate a healthy and conscious relationship to money. With a strong background as a financial C-level executive in some of the biggest Universities and educacional organizations in Brazil, he has learned that money is not the root of all evil nor a passport to happiness which motived him to learn and apply the most comprehensive behavioral money coaching techniques and powerful assessments instruments such as Conflict Dynamics Profile® – CDP and Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile®.

André graduated Catholic University of Brasilia with a Master degree in Business Economics and he’s also a trainer and teacher, helding adjunct faculty positions for the last 19 years. He’s also a Conflict Master Coach™(Conflict Dynamics Profile®), Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile® practitioner, and Certified Workplace Mediator and Trainer (CMT) by Eckerd College where he also have a sit on the Advisory Board for the Mediation Training Institute. Always focused on personal development and using his knowledge as finance executive, teacher, coach and entrepreneur, he works with individuals, entrepreneurs and groups.

Contact Andre at andre@nullmoneymind.com.br

Fabiana Machado

Fabiana is a Certified Money Coach (CMC)® and Trainer/Facilitator for the Money Coaching Institute in Brazil.  She’s a founder & managing partner at MoneyMind (moneymind.com.br), based in Brazil, that was created to inspire people to transform and cultivate a healthy and conscious relationship to money. She graduated from law school and worked with taxes and business, helping her clients with finances.

She’s the first Brazilian woman trained by the Money Coaching Institute and, through her coaching practice at MoneyMind, she works with individuals, couples and group, applying the Money Coaching core process and the Money Therapy workshop in Brazil. Fabiana’s life purpose is about working with women and couples to create financial intimacy and language for their children around money and to help reduce personal and financial suffering in the world.

Contact Fabiana at fabiana@nullmoneymind.com.br

Steven “Shags” Shagrin, V.P. of Financial Education Programs; Certified Money Coach (CMC),® Registered Life Planner,™ Certified Financial Planner,™ and Master Coach/Trainer

Shags Money CoachShags is a Certified Money Coach (CMC)® and Trainer/Facilitator with the Money Coaching Institute. After receiving his Bachelors Degree from the University of Miami (FL), a law degree from Case Western Reserve University, and working in the financial services field for over two decades (and accumulating a lot of letters to put after his name), Shags discovered his passion for empowering and inspiring others to transform their dreams into reality through Money Coaching.

Over the years, Shags has facilitated Money Coaching Workshops & Trainings with the Money Coaching Institute and has publicly spoken about “Understanding Your Relationship With Money” and “Managing Your Life: Managing Your Money”, the latter based on his workbook and which is now offered as one of our Financial Literacy courses.

Always drawn to personal development, coaching, and facilitating, Shags currently uses his talents to do individual coaching, facilitate workshops and teach financial literacy through the Money Coaching Institute. His company, Planning For Life, also provides workshops on retirement lifestyle planning, as well as continuing education for attorneys, accountants, and financial professionals through his program “Understanding Your Clients’ Relationship With Money”.

Contact Shags at: Shags@nullPlanningForLife.info



Evangelos Diavolitsis, Certified Money Coach (CMC),® and Master Coach/Trainer

Evangelos Diavolitsis Money CoachEvangelos Diavolitsis is a Certified Money Coach (CMC)® and Trainer/Facilitator with the Money Coaching Institute.  He is dedicated to working with people going through transition, entrepreneurs, executives and cultural creatives as well as people from all walks of life.

One of a few Canadians trained through the Money Coaching Institute, Evangelos coaches individuals, couples and organizations to cultivate a healthy and conscious relationship to money. Through his coaching practice at Money Evolution (moneyevolution.ca) and his movement workshops about money, he works at providing greater financial well-being and abundance through an exploration of the 8 Money archetypes.

His workshops empower clients to seek ways to allow their passion to be expressed, their curiosity to be fulfilled and their gifts to be shared in the work that they do in a way that manifests optimal personal potential and abundance.

Contact Evangelos at evangelos@nullmoneyevolution.ca


Donna Colfer, Certified Money Coach (CMC)® and Master Coach/Trainer

Donna Colfer Money CoachDonna Colfer comes to the field of Money Coaching with twenty years of experience in financial management and ten years as a spiritual counselor. She blends these two areas in a professional and compassionate way that is truly powerful and effective in her Money Coaching practice. She is also a lead Trainer & Facilitator for the Money Coaching Institute and is beloved by all who know and work with her for her ability to coach others with compassion and non-judgment.

Her combined experience and commitment to facilitating others on their path are key aspects of her coaching practice. She works with individuals, couples and groups.

Contact Donna at: donna@nullbuildingwealthfromwithin.com

Karen Harvey, QuickBooks Pro Consultant,  Certified Money Coach (CMC)® and Master Coach/Trainer

Karen Harvey has a very diverse and eclectic background that incorporates a wide variety of modalities in which she has been trained and which can be utilized as needed in her work with clients.

As a Certified Money Coach (CMC)®, Karen works with clients to help them identify and understand their money patterns and behaviors that interfere with their personal, financial and/or professional potential. She uses an archetypal system that makes it easy to discover who you are in relationship to money and why that is so. As you become more aware of the patterns operating within you, you and Karen work together to find new and healthier strategies that allow you to move beyond old beliefs and limitations.

Karen is also trained as a Life and Transformational Coach and Archetypal Consultant and can help you progress in many areas of your life, both personally and financially. In addition, on the practical level, she has an extensive background in accounting and bookkeeping systems and has been a QuickBooks Pro Advisor for over ten years.  Karen can also help you create easy-to-use financial management systems in either your personal or business life.  Over the years Karen has developed programs and trainings that teach people how to heal and reveal the shadow within and to access their inner knowing to move forward into being fully empowered, both financially and creatively.

Karen’s life purpose is about empowering others to create and manifest their highest potential. She inspires and empowers individuals and business owners to overcome obstacles and to implement effective strategies that allow them to achieve their own vision.

Contact Karen at: karen@nullkarenharveyinc.com