Welcome Message from Our Founder

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deborah_priceI have spent most of my adult life as a professional helping people to foster a better relationship with money, personally and practically. In helping my clients to explore their “inner” life of money, encouraging them to look beneath the surface of money, I help them to see how and why they made their financial decisions and what truly motivates their choices which is often driven by unconscious pattern. It almost always becomes evident that questioning the meaning of money and their relationship to it is not only valuable, but often more so, than their financial decisions themselves.

Over time, it became clear that those who were doing the work and confronting their issues were not only happier, but often made better financial choices, which of course, made them more money. Clearly, there was a connection between having a healthier, more conscious relationship with money and creating abundance. Conversely, those not interested in looking any deeper than their balance sheet had persistent fears and anxieties, regardless of how much money they had. In fact, what I discovered and have since confirmed is this: no matter what level of financial security people had, no matter how rich or how poor, regardless of where people were on the financial spectrum they all suffered some degree of fear and anxiety about money and had little, if any, conscious awareness of its origin.

Although I’m an avid researcher and a pioneer in this field, the seeds of this work came to me intuitively. I have had a lifelong interest in psychology, money, neuroscience and spirituality. I knew there was a missing piece in the field related to our collective money behaviors and I have spent the last 20 years trying to fill this gap and the missing key. I began my University education in the field of psychology and have studied the works of many of its leaders. The development of my “money types” were greatly influenced by the work of Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell. This background provided a framework on which I was able to build my approach and methods. I have also integrated a great of knowledge from my research from the fields of neuroscience, neuroeconomics and behavioral finance into our training.

Over the years, my work and published books have incorporated all of this knowledge and research into a unique step-by step approach to discovering, unlearning, and changing the reader’s conscious relationship with money. Our new website is being launched on the 15th anniversary of the Money Coaching Institute. It has been quite a journey for us as well as for our clients. We look for to continued growth and to sharing our knowledge and passion for helping live more financially purposeful and empowered lives!