What makes one person thrive financially while another continually struggles?

Many people are unaware of hidden money patterns and behaviors that negatively impact their lives. You witness this every day.

You see smart, well meaning clients who never implement their financial plans; professionals with high salaries who are mired in debt yet keep spending; loving couples whose marriages are threatened by financial upheaval.

Introduction to Money Coaching


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Thursday, September 5th, 2023

9:00 AM Pacific (US)

5:00 PM GMT (UK)

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Thursday, September 5th, 2023

3:00 PM Pacific (US)

8:00 AM AEST (September 6th - AU)

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What Money Coaching Is

A new field that bridges two worlds – the financial services industry and the field of coaching – It enables you to help clients stop unconsciously sabotaging their own well-being and begin to thrive.

How Money Coaching Works

Money Coaching is a step-by-step process that gently uncovers unconscious beliefs and patterns that create stress, anxiety, fear and financial self sabotage. Through it, people transform their relationship with money and are freed up to lead more purposeful and prosperous lives.

How our training benefits you

It’s frustrating and disappointing when clients don’t follow through on the expert advice you give them. It’s a lost opportunity for you both. Our Certified Money Coach (CMC) training gives you an extra edge in your profession by teaching you the tools you need to help clients overcome their unconscious roadblocks to financial well-being.

The 8 Money Types

By understanding your unconscious feelings and beliefs about money, you will be more conscious of your habitual money behaviors and better prepared to change them when they occur. Take the Money Quiz to see which Money Archetype is running you.

“The word “master” should only be reserved for a precious few on the planet. The first time I attended a workshop of Deborah’s, I knew that I was participating in something masterful created by a true original. She is a pioneer in the field of money coaching and far beyond helping me with my money issues, she provided me with the necessary tools to make peace with myself, my family and my past. She is worth every penny invested and worth every minute of time spent in her presence. I fell so in love with this body of work that I quit my day job and became a money coach. Life has never been so fluid and fulfilling. Anything seems possible when coached by a master.”

Evangelos Diavolitis

Certified Money Coach & Entrepreneur

Calgary, Canada

“Deborah is simply in a league of her own. As a coach in training, I always looked forward to attending her classes, because they’re always a delight and they’re packed with new insights. I saw the impact she had on my “practice client” in class: in a couple of hours, my client was able to become self-aware in a way she had never experienced before, even with lots of hours spent in a traditional therapist’s office. Deborah has a special gift, and it’s been a privilege to be one of those she shares her gifts with. My Certified Money Coaching training allowed me to serve my clients in a much more holistic way. It’s not just about telling people to spend less than they earn. I can now dig much deeper and pinpoint the patterns that led them to where they are today. Deborah’s training has been crucial in my pursuit of understanding the human mind around money. I am truly so blessed for having been her student.”

Lama Farran

Certified Money Coach

Montreal, Quebec

“Deborah eloquently and graciously weaves her way through her coaching process. She compassionately and effectively guides her clients to a greater understanding of themselves, their past; and their influence on their behaviour. All the while, maintaining their dignity and building them up to embrace the courage needed to change their future to the one they desire. As a student of Deborah’s, I am honoured to have experienced her demonstrate exactly what it means to be a professional, compassionate and highly effective coach. As I launch my money coaching practice, I know that it is because of Deborah’s training, that I will serve my client’s well. I can only hope to be as amazingly affective a coach as she!”

Sandra Stewart

CFP®, Stewart Financial Services

Collingwood, Ontario, Canada

“I have experienced Money Coaching not only in learning to become a Certified Money Coach with Deborah but also experiencing the process both personally and with my partner. The benefits for me personally have been immense. Deborah’s Money Coach Training both the individual and couples programme gave my money coaching practice the structure I had been searching for. It helped me to put the focus on my work with clients on the money relationship rather than the mechanics of money, which is new concept in the UK. The method is extremely powerful and clients become fully engaged in the process of understanding and changing their money life. Experiencing Deborah in action has been a delight, her ability to she what’s hidden in the shadows, bring it out into the light, then coach forward from this is inspiring.”

Helen Collier

Certified Money Coach

Leeds, UK

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