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Lesia Zablockij - The Baggage Lady

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Meet The Coach

Lesia Zablockij is a multi-certified coach, an Amazon best-selling author and Personality Type Facilitator. Her focus is on helping woman facing a time of transition in their lives such as job loss, relationship changes, death of someone significant, failing health, loss of purpose/direction or financial difficulties.

In 2017, Lesia added Certified Money Coach to her portfolio. Lesia has always felt a draw to help others. Having experienced numerous changes and losses in a short period of time, Lesia had to figure out who she was moving forward. There were many pieces to the puzzle as she made her way to rediscovery. Her journey brought her to money coaching which she discovered was the final piece of the puzzle and she became certified with The Money Coaching Institute.

Lesia understood that deep down we are not so different. We all want to be accepted and to do our best by finding meaningful work and a satisfying life. Sometimes, ideas we have unknowingly picked up along the way, no longer serve us but may continue to guide our life and decisions subconsciously. Uncovering those ideas, beliefs or habits can change your life!

Lesia has published the following two books about relationships:
Soul Fire Café, Making Friends with the one in the Mirror
Amazon Best-seller, Defining Moments with Family, Friends & More

Client Testimonial

I asked the Universe to bring to me the positive people of healers to help me on my journey to truth & happiness and I truly believe it responded by sending you! Your guidance was the catalyst I needed to make major positive changes. I am so grateful to you!
Margaret M
During our work together, I was able to release the negative feelings I had about myself and my life up until this point. It’s allowed me closure for the past and allowed me to concentrate on the present making the future a happy possibility of things to come. It's helped me focus on issues that are important and has quieted the mental confusion. Thank you. You saved my life.
Duncan W
I had met my darkest hours. I was paralyzed with grief. My mind told me I had to move on but my heart was so broken I did not want to face another day. I connected with Lesia and she gave me hope. The tears of rain and dark clouds passed and the sun now shines again. Thank you Lesia for your kindness, understanding and support. You truly are an earth angel.
Nora H
As a long-time client and a close friend, I have sampled every training Lesia has undertaken. Although I believe we can always learn, it wasn’t until I took part in the Money Coaching that I was able to put the last and perhaps biggest piece of the puzzle in my life to rest. Looking into my money history provided me with an understanding and clarity that was missing which provided me with a level of peace that was out of reach for so long.
Jana B


This program is designed to help women feeling stuck in their lives which could be affecting their relationships, their livelihood, their work or their finances. We gently delve into where the snag is and follow a process to help you understand it and heal. It is a process that will help you continue being an active member in your life instead of sitting on the sidelines watching life pass you by.

This program is offered one-on-one or in a group setting.

Sessions are 4 weeks and run between one to two hours each week.

Email us below with and include your preference of one-on-one or group and we will be in touch. Thank you.

Contact me to get started!

The Initial Four-Step Core Process

Individual money coaching is designed as a positive and productive way to explore, discover and transform your unconscious patterns and behaviors around money that keep you from being successful. Through the 4-step Core Process we explore together your Money Biography, identify from whom you’ve inherited patterns (both positive and negative) and how to manage their influences. We then determine which of your gifts, talents and abilities are most valuable to you and how to leverage them to achieve your highest potential. The Money Coaching Process is highly experiential and during these sessions you will learn how you are “hardwired” around money in ways that are generally not fully conscious. By the end of the fourth session, you will have a clear understanding of your core money patterns and their origin and can begin to work on your “Money Coaching Action Plan.”

Money Coaching Action Plan

Change of any kind can only take place under certain conditions. In Money Coaching, these conditions are threefold:

1. An understanding and new level of awareness of what the problem or issue is
2. The willingness to change, which literally involves doing something different than what we’ve been doing previously
3. Implementing new strategies and actions for change

On-going Coaching: Support and Accountability

As your money coach, I will work with you on an on-going basis to support you and help you to stay on track and accountable to creating the changes you desire.

One of the core beliefs in Money Coaching is that awareness needs to be followed through with action in order for meaningful change to occur. I am committed to working with you on an on-going basis and consider myself a partner in your success. On-going support and coaching programs are designed to your particular need. This can be accomplished in a series of weekly or bi-weekly sessions to help you implement the changes you desire.

Learning about the Eight Money Archetypes is a dynamic and exciting way to become aware of your underlying patterns and behaviors around money.

These Archetypes are present in all of us. You will take a Money Type Quiz and we will take a look at the unique blend of types that are currently active in your life, which are beneficial and which ones need your attention to create the right blend of factors to help you move towards prosperity and a more purposeful life.

This powerful six week process is a low cost alternative to individual Money Coaching Sessions.

A Money Coaching Circle is a dynamic way to help uncover, examine and transform unconscious patterns and beliefs about money. We benefit from hearing other’s stories while the work we do as a group remains confidential and judgement-free. As part of the circle, you will be able to take a look at your relationship with money and move beyond limiting behaviors that keep you from realizing your goals and dreams, both financially and professionally.

This powerful six week process is a low cost alternative to individual Money Coaching Sessions.  Circles typically consist of 4 – 6 people and are held weekly for 2 hours.

This 2-hour workshop helps you become aware of how and where your relationship with money began and ways in which you transform patterns and beliefs that keep you stuck financially and personally. You will learn about the Eight Money Archetypes and take the Money Type Quiz which will illuminate behaviors around money that are currently present in your life and what you can do to manage them.

Designations & Associations

We all have baggage! Some of us just haven’t discovered what it is yet.