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I help people take the stress out of money so they feel free to be who they are and do what they love.

“I inspire people to discover what’s possible in their lives once money is no longer a roadblock.”

Meet The Coach

I am equally comfortable in both worlds – the practical and emotional/behavioral sides of money. For people to be successful, they need to master both sides too.

Without understanding what drives your unconscious behaviors around money you will inevitably revert to old patterns, whether it’s six months or six years later. You may be able to create a budget but will always find yourself “falling off the wagon.”
Without a practical knowledge of the “How” – how to align your spending with your values or how to create a plan to make it happen – you won’t take consistent action and reach the goals you set.

My role as a coach is that of a teacher, accountability partner and guide who will help you master both your relationship to money and become intentional about how you use it.

Client Testimonials

Garrett is a delightful money-sprite who creates both fiscal ease and effervescent joy. While working with him, I not only managed to come up with $15K in six months to pay my taxes but also began to feel strangely enthusiastic about managing my budget. To top it all off, he embraced the magenta font I used for spreadsheets.

One of the things I appreciated most about his approach was his willingness to listen to what I value and help me mold my spending to reflect these values. I never felt that he was judging my choices, only that he wanted to make sure my behaviors were in line with what I claimed was important to me. In this way, I began to feel empowered to spend money more mindfully. If anyone can entwine Buddhist philosophy and fiscal habits, it's Garrett.

If you can snag a spot with him, you most definitely should! Your wallet and soul will thank you (and Garrett).
Julie W.
I was referred to Be Awesome Not Broke by a financial advisor who frankly yet tenderly told me that I was not ready to be her client. I had liabilities and money-relationship issues that needed attention before she and I could work together. In short, I needed a money coach.

Once I spoke to Garrett I felt that his services and approach would prove valuable. He helped me delve into understanding the what and why of my spending, the cycle of indebtedness that I inherited, the role I played in exacerbating the debt that was wreaking havoc on my marriage and my self-esteem.

Working with Garrett helped me align my values with my spending. He coached me on how to have constructive and confidence-building discussions with my husband around money, and define the legacy that I want for my two young daughters. His passion for helping clients reflect, articulate, align and practice one's values as they relate to money, spending and saving does make one feel awesome!

I recommend BANB to anyone who feels hopelessly lost about how to get out of debt or just wants to enrich their quality of life as it relates to financial success.
Leah B.
I met Garrett on a flight to San Luis Obispo and the next thing I knew, a few days later, I was catching a sunrise at the peak of one his favorite trails. That pretty much sums up how Garrett has impacted my life; he's guided me on a financial journey that has led me to enjoy new horizons that I couldn't achieve on my own. Believe me, I tried. Garrett was so generous with his financial tips on our first chance meeting that I felt equipped to tackle my financial woes without him. Six months later, I found myself confused and fighting back tears when I finally opened up the credit card statement that I had been ignoring. That's when I realized that I needed help, and it's one of the best decisions that I've ever made for my personal growth.

The biggest benefit that I've gained from working with Garrett is the ability to make decisions that support my values; I financially prioritize the things that I really care about. As a result, I have a trip to Japan and Korea coming up, that I thought would never happen.

Garrett's approach is primarily empathetic; he takes the time to patiently listen to my financial situation in order to focus on reversing my bad habits in a nonjudgmental and supportive manner. After each meeting, his tailor fit gameplan is always structured in a way that allows me to work on things one step at a time. In trusting him and his process, I'm enjoying my life in a way that has left a profound impact on not just myself but everyone around me as well.
Jungho O.


The Initial Four-Step Core Process

Individual money coaching is designed as a positive and productive way to explore, discover and transform your unconscious patterns and behaviors around money that keep you from being successful. Through the 4-step Core Process we explore together your Money Biography, identify from whom you’ve inherited patterns (both positive and negative) and how to manage their influences. We then determine which of your gifts, talents and abilities are most valuable to you and how to leverage them to achieve your highest potential. The Money Coaching Process is highly experiential and during these sessions you will learn how you are “hardwired” around money in ways that are generally not fully conscious. By the end of the fourth session, you will have a clear understanding of your core money patterns and their origin and can begin to work on your “Money Coaching Action Plan.”

Money Coaching Action Plan

Change of any kind can only take place under certain conditions. In Money Coaching, these conditions are threefold:

1. An understanding and new level of awareness of what the problem or issue is
2. The willingness to change, which literally involves doing something different than what we’ve been doing previously
3. Implementing new strategies and actions for change

On-going Coaching: Support and Accountability

As your money coach, I will work with you on an on-going basis to support you and help you to stay on track and accountable to creating the changes you desire.

One of the core beliefs in Money Coaching is that awareness needs to be followed through with action in order for meaningful change to occur. I am committed to working with you on an on-going basis and consider myself a partner in your success. On-going support and coaching programs are designed to your particular need. This can be accomplished in a series of weekly or bi-weekly sessions to help you implement the changes you desire.

Learning about the Eight Money Archetypes is a dynamic and exciting way to become aware of your underlying patterns and behaviors around money.

These Archetypes are present in all of us. You will take a Money Type Quiz and we will take a look at the unique blend of types that are currently active in your life, which are beneficial and which ones need your attention to create the right blend of factors to help you move towards prosperity and a more purposeful life.

This is for you if you feel like you have no awareness around where your money is going, and each month you look back and ask “where did it all go and why am I not further ahead than I am?”. I will help you get clear on where you currently are financially, we’ll set clear and tangible goals based on your priorities/values, and I will be with you every step of the way as you make those goals happen.

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