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Mariska Reinerink CMC, CFP

Helping People Live Financially Healthy Lives!

Mariska Reinerink is a Certified Financial Planner and a Certified Money Coach. She began working in financial services in 2000, after realizing the impact of financial stress on bodies. You see, prior to that she was a Physiotherapist, complementing her practice with Holistic therapies to always be able to look for the cause of the physical issues; not just treat the symptoms. During this time, she started to see how money stress showed up in the bodies of her clients, became intrigued by that connection and wanted to find out more.

Conoce al entrenador

After switching career paths, she worked in several different financial settings, getting to know the financial world from all angles and getting a deeper understanding with experience. Again driven by finding the deeper causes, she’s been looking for ways to go beyond the numbers.

She got certified as a Certified Financial Planner, which gave her the official recognition, tools and knowledge to confidently put together financial plans for people, integrating investments and insurance, and their impact of taxation on income, business and estates.

Working with many clients and advisors all these years, she knew she couldn’t stop there though. She was driven to find out more about psychology of money and enrolled in the Money Coaching program at the Money Coaching Institute in California. Since graduating here, she could now integrate the Money Coaching process into her practice as well and get to the deeper cause of money stress.

Her background in health care gives her a solid basis to explore the psychology, biology and neuro-economic aspect of money with her clients. She can now assist her clients in exploring their subconscious money patterns, often going back to childhood and taking the stress out of day-to-day money management as well as planning for the future.

To help with the day-to-day finances, she studied to become a Behavioural Cash Flow Specialist (yes, that’s a bit of a mouth full). Cash flow planning combines our spending patterns with behavioural finance. This again is rooted in psychology but applies it more directly to our spending.

As you can see, she is always learning and evolving and driven to educate and help as many people as she can..

Mariska is also very passionate about teaching what she knows and learns and loves breaking down seemingly complex concepts into much simpler explanations. She holds workshops regularly in Vancouver.

Client Testimonial

“We all know we need solid financial advice, but knowing who to go to and how to proceed often stops us in our tracks – the fear of having to come clean of all our money mistakes is enough to send us running in the opposite direction, and not towards a solution! Mariska is 100% that solution. She is not just a brilliant financial adviser but also a marriage money counselor. My husband and I needed help. We both wanted the same things – more money in our pocket, a plan for retirement, a nest egg for unanticipated expenses etc…but we were never on the same page till Mariska. Mariska gave us ‘breathing room’ and a simple no-nonsense cash flow worksheet to work through. We have adjusted how we view our money and how to work with it in a calmer more balanced way. I know we will have hiccups along the way, but Mariska is just an email or phone call away. If you have been struggling and don’t know where to start – call Mariska, you will not be disappointed.”

Teresa Varty


El proceso básico inicial de cuatro pasos

El coaching individual de dinero está diseñado como una forma positiva y productiva de explorar, descubrir y transformar sus patrones inconscientes y comportamientos en torno al dinero que evitan que tenga éxito. A través del Proceso Básico de 4 pasos exploramos juntos su Biografía de dinero, identificamos de quién heredamos patrones (tanto positivos como negativos) y cómo manejar sus influencias. Luego determinamos cuáles de sus dones, talentos y habilidades son más valiosos para usted y cómo aprovecharlos para lograr su máximo potencial. El proceso de coaching de dinero es altamente experiencial y durante estas sesiones aprenderá cómo está "cableado" en torno al dinero de maneras que generalmente no son totalmente conscientes. Al final de la cuarta sesión, comprenderá claramente sus patrones básicos de dinero y su origen, y puede comenzar a trabajar en su "Plan de acción de coaching de dinero".

Plan de acción de coaching de dinero

El cambio de cualquier tipo solo puede tener lugar bajo ciertas condiciones. En Money Coaching, estas condiciones son triples:

1. Una comprensión y un nuevo nivel de conciencia de cuál es el problema o problema
2. La voluntad de cambiar, que literalmente implica hacer algo diferente a lo que hemos estado haciendo previamente
3. Implementar nuevas estrategias y acciones para el cambio

Coaching continuo: soporte y responsabilidad

Como su asesor financiero, trabajaré con usted continuamente para apoyarlo y ayudarlo a mantener el rumbo y la responsabilidad de crear los cambios que desea.

Una de las creencias centrales en Money Coaching es que la conciencia debe ser seguida con la acción para que ocurra un cambio significativo. Me comprometo a trabajar con usted de forma continua y me considero un socio en su éxito. Los programas de soporte y coaching continuos están diseñados para su necesidad particular. Esto se puede lograr en una serie de sesiones semanales o quincenales para ayudarlo a implementar los cambios que desee.

The Heart of Money Couples Coaching

La dinámica del dinero comienza a desarrollarse en las parejas en función de sus relaciones individuales con el dinero. Ambas personas en una relación tienen creencias y patrones que colectivamente crean los problemas y la relación que las parejas tienen con el dinero. En algunos casos, los problemas de dinero crean miedo, tensión y conflicto, especialmente cuando una pareja no ha establecido acuerdos claros sobre el dinero al comienzo de su relación. Este proceso de coaching crea una comprensión de los patrones que surgen entre las parejas en torno al dinero y les enseña a las parejas cómo comunicarse compasivamente de una manera saludable y constructiva con respecto al dinero.

Money Coaching for Couples is conducted similarly to individual coaching, but requires a minimum of 6 sessions.

The initial process involves four sessions as a couple and one session with each person separately for a total of six sessions. Once a couple is done with the initial “core” process, they often need to continue their coaching to implement new strategies and behaviors over a period of time.

Money continues to be one of the main causes of discord and divorce so Money Coaching is a great investment in your marriage!

Aprender sobre los ocho arquetipos de dinero es una forma dinámica y emocionante de tomar conciencia de los patrones y comportamientos subyacentes en torno al dinero.

Estos Arquetipos están presentes en todos nosotros. Tomará un cuestionario sobre el tipo de dinero y analizaremos la combinación única de tipos que están actualmente activos en su vida, que son beneficiosos y requieren atención para crear la combinación correcta de factores que lo ayudarán a avanzar hacia la prosperidad y la prosperidad. una vida más útil

This powerful six week process is a low cost alternative to individual Money Coaching Sessions.

A Money Coaching Circle is a dynamic way to help uncover, examine and transform unconscious patterns and beliefs about money. We benefit from hearing other’s stories while the work we do as a group remains confidential and judgement-free. As part of the circle, you will be able to take a look at your relationship with money and move beyond limiting behaviors that keep you from realizing your goals and dreams, both financially and professionally.

This powerful six week process is a low cost alternative to individual Money Coaching Sessions.  Circles typically consist of 4 – 6 people and are held weekly for 2 hours.

This 2-hour workshop helps you become aware of how and where your relationship with money began and ways in which you transform patterns and beliefs that keep you stuck financially and personally. You will learn about the Eight Money Archetypes and take the Money Type Quiz which will illuminate behaviors around money that are currently present in your life and what you can do to manage them.

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