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Do you know what money types are driving your financial life?

Money Types Money types represent archetypal patterns and behaviors that  influence our daily decisions and emotions around money at an unconscious level. We all have them and everyone is invited to attend our upcoming webinar to learn more about the eight money types and the impact that they have on our choices and lives. No...

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Welcome Message from Our Founder

  He pasado la mayor parte de mi vida adulta como profesional ayudando a las personas a fomentar una mejor relación con el dinero, personal y prácticamente. Al ayudar a mis clientes a explorar su vida “interna” de dinero, alentándolos a mirar debajo de la superficie del dinero, los ayudo a ver cómo y por qué tomaron sus decisiones financieras y qué es lo que ...

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Washington Post Pick: The Heart of Money

Why Couples Clash Over Cash By Michelle Singletary, Published: February 2, 2013, Washington Post It’s commonly said that fighting about money is one of the main reasons couples divorce. That’s not exactly accurate. Couples definitely fight about money — lying about it, the control of it, the lack of it or the mismanagement of it...

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Financial Decisions and the Retirement Snowball Effect

Deborah Price, founder of the Money Coaching Institute is interviewed by Kira Reginato.  Listen to Deborah and Kira talk about money therapy, our financial decisions and the retirement snowball effect.

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